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Reserve fund study by Genispec

The reserve fund study, also known as an asset management plan, has become essential for condominium associations since the implementation of Bill 16 in January 2020. This study involves detailed assessments of a building’s condition and the estimation of costs required for future repairs and replacements. At Genispec, we are a skilled team of engineers who are part of the Ordre des ingénieurs de Québec, so you can trust that we’ll provide you accurate information to make informed decisions about managing your fund. Let’s explore the significance of reserve fund studies and how they contribute to the long-term well-being of condominium communities.

Why conduct a reserve fund study?

  1. Compliance with legal requirements: Condominium associations are now mandated by law to conduct reserve fund studies every five years, as per the provisions of Bill 16. This ensures compliance with regulations and helps avoid legal consequences.
  2. Proactive planning for maintenance: Reserve fund studies enable associations to proactively plan for future maintenance needs and preserve the building’s commonual components. By identifying necessary repairs and estimating associated costs, these studies prevent financial burdens and ensure funds are available for major repairs when required.
  3. Optimised Asset Management: Through comprehensive assessments, an asset management plan provides valuable insights into the building’s assets and their expected lifespan. This knowledge aids in developing effective maintenance programs and allocating resources efficiently, maximising the property’s value and longevity.

What is the process of conducting a reserve fund study?

  1. Visual inspection: The study begins with a thorough visual inspection of the building and its common areas, including the external envelope, windows, balconies, roof, parking areas, and mechanical/electrical systems.
  2. Estimation of costs: Based on the inspection findings, the study provides cost estimates for necessary repairs, maintenance work, and potential system replacements, along with recommended timelines for addressing these issues.
  3. Analysis of an asset management plan: The study evaluates the existing asset management plan’s condition to ensure it aligns with projected expenses. If there is a shortfall, recommendations are made for additional contributions over a specified period to rectify the deficit.
  4. Recommendations for maintenance programs: Reserve fund studies offer recommendations for establishing comprehensive maintenance programs. These programs outline proactive measures, inspection schedules, and prioritized repairs and replacements.

Why choose Genispec for your reserve fund study?

Conducting reserve fund studies is vital for condominium associations to comply with regulations, plan for long-term maintenance, and optimise asset management. By assessing the building’s condition, estimating costs, and offering maintenance recommendations, these studies ensure financial stability and the preservation of common elements. Implementing their findings allows associations to proactively maintain their properties, avoid unforeseen financial burdens, and enhance the overall well-being of the condominium community.

We cater to the Montreal metropolitan community, including Hampstead, Saint-Laurent, Mont Royal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, the West Island, Kirkland, and more. At Genispec, our mission is to inspect your building and provide you with an estimate of the probable costs associated with the management of the deficiencies observed. Our team will recommend the best possible building maintenance program that takes into account the configuration of your residence while specifying the allotted time needed. Contact us today!