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Roof Inspection

Your roof is the element most exposed to climatic conditions such as rain and snow. As a result, deficiencies in the roof can cause significant damage due to water infiltration.

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Why do a roof inspection?

Water infiltration on your roof can cause many problems, so a roof inspection can serve to prevent bad smells, mould, and a weakened foundation among other water related problems.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have a roof inspection done on a regular basis and even more so when there are signs of water infiltration. A thorough roof inspection of all roof elements can help to quickly identify the development of deficiencies or anomalies and allow you to take the necessary steps to extend the life of your roof (eg maintenance work on deteriorated areas and repair of flashings or sealants).

Roof inspection by Genispec Inspections

At Genispec, we are certified roof inspectors. We will provide you with an exhaustive roof inspection report for complete security. This report will include data such as roof conditions, extent of roof penetration, cracks, presence and condition of pipe flashings, as well as other details.

Genispec specializes in flat, gravel and asphalt, roof inspections or elastomeric membrane inspection in the Montreal area. Our experts will conduct an inspection on any type of roof :

  • Gravel and asphalt roofs
  • Elastomeric membrane roofs
  • Inverted membrane roofs
  • EPDM or TPO membrane roofs
  • Shingle roofs

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