Site supervision and project management

The site supervision and project management done by our experts will ensure that the work executed comply with the plans and specifications as well as the construction standards required by the RBQ. Through the continuous (or partial) building site supervision of the construction site and the project management by our engineering team, we can ensure that the work is carried out according to the recommendations, in order to be completed in a timely fashion and in the most optimal and professional manner, all the while minimizing the time you will need to spend and the risks associated with managing a construction project.

Site supervision and project management

Our building project management and construction site supervision services include:

  • An In-depth analysis of the project.
  • Explanation of plans and specifications.
  • Periodic supervision of the works until their completion.
  • Verification of the conformity of works and materials with the plans and specifications.Verification of the conformity of the works with the contractual documents.
  • Technical support during the working process.
  • Site monitoring reports following the visits.
  • Communication of the recommendations and follow-up of changes applied, if necessary
  • Certificate of Completion and construction compliance.

A certificate of completion and compliance of construction, signed and stamped by a member of the OIQ, is included in all the supervision mandates.

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