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Rope access services

What are rope access services ?

Rope access services combine specialized techniques derived from caving, mountaineering, and industrial safety applications to offer a comprehensive system for working at heights or challenging access points with ropes. Our rope access technicians are able to perform crucial tasks such as facade inspections, maintenance work and other necessary rope access services.

Rope access technicians hanging on multi-storey building

Why choose rope access services over traditional methods?

The emergence of rope access services has brought significant change to the industry since its inception. Genispec has adopted a rope access abseiling method that offers many benefits for clients trying to get work done in hard-to-reach places. These benefits include:

  • Lower costs: Work done at heights is often very expensive, generally due to the elevated costs of renting the required equipment. Genispec’s rope access services reduce costs by 30 to 50 percent on average compared to the prices of conventional methods.
  • Minimal public disturbance: Our rope access services eliminate certain disadvantages present with other methods such as public occupation permits, security perimeters and blocked walkways.
  • Eco-friendly: Rope access services are environmentally friendly as they ensure there are no damages such as soil damage; which often happens with the use of scaffolding and heavy equipment.
  • Flexibility: Rope access maintenance allows for rope access technicians to reach difficult areas of your condominium without causing disruptions to residents and passersby.Leveraging rope access methods is especially beneficial for buildings exceeding 5 storeys, typical in metropolitan areas like Montreal, Saint-Laurent, and Longueuil.

How do rope access services benefit buildings and their owners?

Industrial rope access services, executed by Genispec, offer various advantages:

  • Accurate and timely inspections like facade inspection, water infiltration inspection, and more.
  • Long-term planning for maintenance, ensuring optimal building health and reducing unexpected costs.
  • Enhancing the building’s longevity, thus elevating its market value.
  • Efficient scheduling, which minimizes disruptions to the daily activities of the building’s inhabitants.

What rope access services are offered by Genispec?

Genispec offers many services that can be completed with our industrial rope access such as:

  • Facade Inspection: The facade is the exterior face of a building and is constantly exposed to environmental elements. A facade inspection is vital to ensure that there’s no damage or wear that could compromise the building’s structural integrity or aesthetic value. It involves a comprehensive visual assessment of all external elements, including materials, joints, and any visible damages.
  • Water Infiltration Inspection: Water infiltration can pose a significant threat to a building’s durability, especially when it goes undetected. This specific inspection aims to identify and locate any signs of water penetration. It checks for signs such as damp patches, mold growth, and structural damage caused by prolonged water exposure. Addressing these issues promptly can save substantial repair costs in the long run.
  • Concrete repair: Buildings with concrete structures or elements are susceptible to issues like cracks, spalling, and corrosion of reinforcement bars. Genispec’s concrete repair services focus on diagnosing these problems and rectifying them using specialized materials and techniques. Ensuring that concrete structures remain sound is critical for the safety and longevity of a building.
  • Renovation of Masonry Elements: Masonry elements, such as bricks, stones, or tiles, give a building its distinctive appearance. Over time, these elements can degrade due to weathering, moisture, or other external factors. Genispec’s renovation services ensure that these masonry elements are not only restored to their former glory but also reinforced to stand the test of time.
  • Caulking Repairs: Caulking acts as a sealant, filling gaps and cracks in buildings to prevent water and air infiltration. With time, caulk can deteriorate, shrink, or lose its adhesive qualities. Genispec’s caulking repair services involve removing old, damaged caulking and applying fresh, high-quality sealants to ensure that buildings remain weather-tight and energy-efficient.
  • Stabilization of Aluminum Cladding: Aluminum cladding is often used in modern buildings for its lightweight and aesthetically pleasing properties. However, it requires proper anchoring and maintenance to stay in place securely. Genispec offers services to stabilize aluminum cladding, ensuring that it remains firmly attached to the building and continues to provide protection and insulation.
Multi-story condominium building that underwent a facade inspection conducted by Gensipec

How are Rope Access Services Conducted?

If you’re looking to hire Genispec for rope access services and are curious to know how it works. Here’s a basic outline of the steps taken by our rope access technicians to ensure a safe and successful project. It’s essential to note that our rope access technicians undergo rigorous training and are certified. Their training covers not just the technical aspects of the job but also emergency rescue and first aid, ensuring they can respond effectively to any situation.

  • Preliminary Assessment: Before any work begins, a thorough assessment of the building or structure is carried out. This evaluation identifies the best access points, potential hazards, and the specific requirements for the task at hand.
  • Equipment Selection: Based on the preliminary assessment, the right equipment is selected. This usually includes industrial-grade ropes, harnesses, ascenders, descenders, connectors, and other specialized tools.
  • Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount in rope access services. All equipment undergoes rigorous checks before and after each use. Moreover, strict safety protocols are in place to ensure that technicians remain secure while working at heights.
  • Dual Rope System: A primary principle in rope access is the use of a dual rope system. One rope serves as the primary means of support, while the second acts as a safety backup. This redundancy ensures that if one system fails, the backup system will provide the necessary support.
  • Task Execution: Once safely anchored and positioned, technicians execute the required task, be it inspection, maintenance, repair, or cleaning. Their hands remain free, as the support system is body-borne, which allows for efficient and thorough work.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the process, work is continuously monitored. This surveillance ensures that any potential issues or hazards that arise can be immediately addressed, ensuring both the safety of the technician and the quality of the work.
  • Post-Task Review: After the task is completed, a post-task review ensures that all objectives have been met, equipment is safely retrieved, and the site is left in an appropriate condition.

Why Choose Genispec for Your Rope Access Needs?

Genispec is not just another company; we’re a team of dedicated professionals. Our engineers, all members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), are adept at managing complex rope access projects. We have made our mark in several Quebec areas, including Hampstead, Mont-Royal, Laval, Brossard, the West Island, and Kirkland.

Our expertise isn’t limited to rope access. We specialize in diverse areas like thermographic inspection, foundation inspection, structural engineering, and much more. With Genispec, you get a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your building’s needs. Contact Genispec today for a free quote.

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