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Rope access services

Work done at heights is often very expensive, generally due to the elevated costs of renting the required equipment. In addition, access to work in high places is often very limited. For this reason, we have adopted a rope access abseiling method that reduces costs by 30 to 50 percent on average, compared to the prices of conventional methods. This method also eliminates certain disadvantages present with other methods such as, public occupation permits, security perimeters and blocked walkways as well as damages (soil damage) associated with the use of scaffolding and heavy equipment.

Rope access services

Our team of contractors are rope access specialists and offer a variety of services such as; inspection of facades, maintenance work, as well as other rope access services required.

Rope access services can be useful to perform several tasks such as:

  • Façade inspection
  • Water Infiltration inspection
  • Concrete repair
  • Renovation of masonry elements
  • Caulking repairs
  • Stabilization of aluminum cladding

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