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Bill122 inspection

The RBQ has implemented Bill 122, which requires a complete inspection of facades of buildings of 5 or more storeys, rolling slabs and underground parking to be done by an engineer member of the OIQ. Building owners, as well as condominiums in Quebec are included in the law by Bill 122.

loi 122 inspection

Facade Inspection

Every building owner is required to ensure that maintenance is regularly done and that the necessary repairs are done to prevent any defect or condition that could compromise the safety of the public. High building facades are particularly susceptible as they are exposed to weathering conditions. It is for this reason that the “Régie du Bâtiment du Québec” (RBQ) has made building façade inspections mandatory for all buildings with 5 floors above ground and more by an engineer every five years.

Our method:

  • Our engineers have developed a façade inspection expertise for Bill 122 to provide a comprehensive service that includes:
    A visual inspection from the ground and balconies to ascertain the general condition of the building elements and provide a summary of the deficiencies observed.
  • Follow-up of a tactile inspection, and intrusive when necessary, executed using a specialised abseiling method. In order to determine more precisely the extent of the problems or deficiencies observed in the visual inspection.

Thanks to our rope access inspection method for our tactile and intrusive inspections, we are able to offer you a complete inspection at a low cost, with few constraints or disturbances.
Types of building concerned:
Any building of 5 floors or more (including residential building, commercial, condo, institutional …)
Frequency of the inspections:
A facade verification report is required every 5 years for any building 10 years of age or older.

Parking Garages Inspection

As stipulated by Bill 122 of the RBQ, it is the responsibility of building owners to obtain an in-depth verification report from an engineer every five years. The goal is to ensure that the multi-storey parking has no dangerous condition as well as provide recommendations for maintenance works in order to prevent the development of dangerous condition.

Types of parking concerned:
All parking (underground or above ground) with at least one concrete slab that does not rest on the ground (including parking lots for residential / condo, commercial, institutional … buildings) requires a thorough inspection under Bill 122.

Frequency of verification:
A thorough verification report of the multi-storey parking garage is required every 5 years for any parking lot older than 18 months.

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