Pre-reception of common areas

When the syndicate of condominiums receives the notice of completion of works executed by the contractor, it must call on a building professional to proceed to the reception of the common parts. Even in the case of a new building, it is necessary to obtain pre-reception of common areas inspection report

Genispec will provide an engineer member of the OIQ, in order to carry out the pre-reception inspection of the common areas. This is generally done in collaboration with the union and the contractor. The study done by the engineer is essential to ensure that the construction works comply with the current construction standards. The document prepared by our engineers details the anomalies observed during the inspection, the remedial action work to be completed as well as incomplete works.

Pre-reception of common areas inspection

Our inspection of pre-reception of common areas include the following items:

  • Building envelope (exterior facade)
  • Building foundations and other structural elements
  • Roofing
  • Mechanical systems (mechanical room)
  • Electrical systems (electrical room)
  • Fire safety systems
  • Parking
  • Interior finishes of common areas (entrance, hallways, stairwell)

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