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Why structural engineering is important?

Whether it is structural engineering consulting, building expertise, structural analysis or inspection of buildings, Genispec’s team of building engineers (or architectural engineers) specialize in meeting the needs of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Genispec is a structural engineering company dedicated to providing you with first-rate services all while ensuring the safety of the public, the security of the premises, and the respect of legislation in force. To meet the specific needs of each project, our structural engineers will develop solutions tailored to your expectations and your budget.

Our building engineering services include:

  • Construction plans and specifications
  • Construction site surveillance
  • Project management
  • Commercial, industrial, or multi-dwelling building inspections
  • Building expertise
  • Structural analysis of the building
  • Property condition assessment
  • Cost estimations
  • And more…

Building engineers are essential in any construction, renovation, or inspection project. Given their expertise, building engineers will follow a pre-established sequence of planning, design, development, and project management, all accompanied by accurate and specialized reports. Their role is therefore paramount as they will ensure that the work will be done according to the construction norms and codes, ensuring that the best materials are used to optimize the building’s durability.

Genispec, your partner for your project

Our team of engineers specializes in several disciplines within the building sector such as construction, structural engineering, installation of building systems, including the structure, roofs, and foundations of buildings.

Over the years, Genispec has developed various expertises and offers high quality services in building engineering consulting. Advice from one of our experts will enable you to obtain more detailed plans from contractors, as well as bids that better match your established criteria, all of which will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the construction work.

Genispec’s structural engineers offer you the highest quality services in design, drafting of structural plans and specifications, project management, and site supervision. We ensure the efficiency of our work by grouping together, if necessary, various specialties in order to apply a more integrated process in the completion of a project.

Trust our building engineers