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Building Maintenance Handbook for Condominiums

What is a Building Maintenance Handbook for Condominiums?

A building maintenance handbook for condominiums is a summary document which identifies the history of the site and the date of construction or renovation of the building, the date of receipt, the technical description of the building, the years of completion of the important works, along with the contact details of the companies which carried out the maintenance. This building maintenance log book must be complete and up to date and is essential for effective property management. The building maintenance handbook for condominium service is a complementary service to a reserve fund study, now mandatory with Bill 16 since January 10, 2020. The condominium associations must carry out this study every five years.

Two Genispec engineers completing checks for a building maintenance handbook

Why Get a Building Maintenance Handbook for Condominiums?

There are many advantages to making a building maintenance handbook for your condominium. For a good management of your building, it is essential to know the history of the building, such the work carried out and the work to be planned, as well as the guarantees and contracts in progress.

Additionally, if there is a repossession of a building by another owner or condominium, they will be informed of all relevant and important information regarding the building and the planned work for the building thanks to the building maintenance handbook for condominiums. Also, the manual makes it easy to prioritize by planning and budgeting the work over several years.

Why Opt for a Building Maintenance Handbook Over Traditional Record Keeping?

The emergence of a structured handbook introduces a series of advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Traditional methods of maintenance can be costly due to unforeseen repairs and lack of planning. A well-maintained handbook aids in reducing these unexpected expenses.
  • Minimized Disruptions: Regular updates in the handbook ensure that all residents are informed well in advance, preventing sudden inconveniences.
  • Eco-conscious Approach: Proper planning ensures minimal wastage, aligning with environmentally friendly practices.
  • Flexibility and Planning: With a clear record, maintenance schedules can be organized efficiently, ensuring a balance between immediate needs and long-term plans.

    Especially for larger condominium complexes, having a building maintenance handbook is indispensable.

How is the Building Maintenance Handbook Compiled and Updated?

For those new to the concept, here’s a step-by-step insight:

  • Initial Assessment: Before drafting the building maintenance guidebook, a comprehensive assessment of the condominium is undertaken.
  • Data Compilation: Information is collated from various sources, including past records, management notes, and technical evaluations.
  • Safety and Quality Checks: Ensuring all recorded maintenance activities adhere to safety standards.
  • Regular Updates: As maintenance activities are carried out, they are promptly recorded. This includes date, nature of maintenance, and service provider details.
  • Review: At least every five years, the building maintenance log should undergo a thorough review to ensure accuracy and relevance.
Condominuim building that has undergone a reserve fund study with Genispec

What is Included in the Genispec Building Maintenance Handbook for Condominiums?

The Genispec building maintenance log book for condominiums has the following items:

  • Information on the condominium (vertical and horizontal);
  • Information on the current syndicate as well as the management company (if applicable);
  • List of documents in the possession of the syndicate as well as technical studies and important works carried out to date;
  • List of applicable service contracts;
  • Five-year maintenance schedule;
  • Monthly maintenance log.

    Our team of building engineers carries out building maintenance manuals for condominiums to help you manage your buildings efficiently. Information on the condominium, the current syndicate as well as the management company will all be indicated in the building maintenance handbook for your condominium. You will also receive a list of documents in the possession of the syndicate as well as the technical studies and important works carried out to date. Do not wait any longer, consult us. We serve the Greater Montreal area, as well as the North Shore and the South Shore.

Why Choose Genispec for Your Building Maintenance Handbook Needs?

We are a team of expert engineers, all members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)

  • We offer comprehensive services, not just limited to building maintenance handbook creation but spanning across various facets of building inspection and maintenance such as the reserve fund study required by Bill 16.
  • We are a trusted name across several regions.
  • We offer competitive pricing and professional services.

For an organized, sustainable, and efficient approach to condominium maintenance, including the building maintenance guidebook, reach out to Genispec. Your building’s health is our priority.

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