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Condominium Building Condition Certificate

What is a Condominium Building Condition Certificate?

A building condition certificate is a document that assesses the current condition of a building or condominium, its compliance with construction standards as well as, where applicable, the major repair and maintenance work required. The inspection of the building components is typically performed by a building expert, such as Genispec’s team of structural engineers. Additionally, the building condition certificate allows the condominium syndicate to constitute the building’s contingency fund.

In Montreal, Genispec conducts facade inspections in accordance with the RBQ’s Bill 122.

Why are Condominium Building Condition Certificates Important?

The building condition certificate is essential for the maintenance of a building or condominium since it establishes the repair and maintenance works to be carried out, their priority, their expected cost and recommended time-frames. The document helps the condo syndicate avoid any unforeseen repair work, plan the necessary future work and to better manage the expenses of the condominium. Importantly, the certificate is strongly recommended for condominiums as a first step to conducting an effective reserve fund study, and concerns common areas. The building condition certificate is therefore an essential precaution for the proper administration and management of a building or condo.

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