Thermographic inspection

Visual and tactile inspections are effective in identifying surface anomalies which are visible upon inspection. However, compared to thermographic inspections they are limited in detecting deficiencies present in hidden elements.

Thermographic inspection

Thanks to the thermographic analysis, our expert building engineers can perform a thorough and non-destructive inspection. Thermal imaging building inspections allow us to detect deficiencies more effectively without complications or intrusive openings at a minimal cost.

There are several anomalies that can be detected more effectively with a thermal imaging building inspection such as:

  • Heat loss
  • Presence of moisture
  • Complement to water infiltration detection tests
  • Electrical overloads point

A thermographic inspection can also be used to evaluate the energy balance of a building. The thermographic analysis makes it possible to visualize and identify the deficient zones in the building envelope requiring corrective work.

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