Vibration study or seismic construction study

Vibration study or seismic construction study

The seismic study of structures consists of identifying and communicating the physical deficiencies caused by the vibrations generated during neighboring construction works.

Safety being of primordial importance, to comply with the canadian requirements on the calculation of seismic loads, it is important that the seismic study of building structure is carried out by a building inspection engineer.

Why should you call Genispec for your seismic study of structures?

Our engineers, members of the OIQ, have the expertise required to carry out the seismic study of your building structure. This study consists in identifying, by visual observations, the physical deficiencies observed following the comparison before and after the construction work.

Our structure seismic study service includes:

  • Visual inspection of current condition and record of physical condition and photographic abnormalities.
  • The inspection, carried out by an engineer, to analyze and compare the condition of the building before and after neighboring construction.
  • Rental of a seismograph for a period of 3 weeks during work, with an alarm to monitor any threshold overrun.
  • Remote seismograph data reading with modeling. The data is compiled weekly.
  • Monitoring of vibrations during pile driving.
  • Saugnac gauge to monitor deterioration or movement, if applicable.

At the end of the structure seismic study, a full report approved by one of our engineers, a member of the OIQ, will be provided to you. This report on the vibration study of the structure contains the results obtained on the assessment of the deficiencies caused by the work.

Vibration study or seismic construction study

Why do you need to carry out a seismic study of structures?

  • Nearby construction work: When laying foundation piles for new construction nearby, the vibrations generated may affect the structural integrity of your building. The seismic study of structures allows you to assess whether the lateral load recovery system of your building structure meets standards.
  • You own an old building: Buildings constructed before the entry into force of the first Quebec construction code have poor resistance to lateral and seismic loads due to the lack of ductility common to older construction techniques. These buildings are therefore sensitive to seismic vibrations from neighboring works and a seismic study of structures is strongly recommended to preserve the structure.

Genispec is an engineering firm in Montreal whose experts are members of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ). Experts in building inspection, trust our building engineers and request a free quote for your seismic study of structures now. Genispec engineers will be happy to assist you.

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