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Reserve fund study, inspection of the facade, inspection of the underground parking - 1650 Sherbrooke Ouest

What Is Bill 16 And What Are Its Implications?

Bill 16, a relatively recent piece of legislation, partially came into effect on January 10, 2020, signifying an important development in the realm of property and construction regulation. One of its standout provisions mandates that condominium syndicates involving co-owners must undertake a thorough reserve fund study every five years. This specific requirement has been designed to serve a dual purpose: the first is to ensure the well-maintained state of condominium buildings, and the second is to contribute to the preservation of these vital structures.

The introduction of Bill 16 marks a significant stride forward in bolstering protection for prospective property buyers and enhancing the overall quality of construction. With this overarching objective in mind, Genispec proudly offers its expertise and services to assist in this critical endeavour. Our team is composed of seasoned structural engineers who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently conduct a comprehensive reserve fund study that is in compliance with Bill 16 for a wide range of establishments.

What Are The Benefits Of A Reserve Fund Study?

  1. Adherence to Regulatory Standards: Engaging in mandatory reserve fund studies is essential for condominium associations to adhere to legal standards and avoid legal repercussions.
  2. Strategic Repairs and Cost Management: Reserve fund studies play a crucial role in early identification of repair needs and cost estimation, allowing for strategic financial planning and ensuring readiness for significant repair expenses.
  3. Enhanced Management of Building Assets: By offering a thorough analysis of the building’s assets and their projected longevity, these studies aid in developing efficient maintenance strategies and appropriate allocation of resources.ne allocation appropriée des ressources.

Learn More About Our Projects

When doing a reserve fund study in accordance with Bill 16, our building experts have been able to work with different structures and perform specific work for each of them. 

In addition to conducting a reserve fund study, Genispec performed a thorough building inspection that consisted of an underground parking lot inspection and facade inspection for 2745 rue Bourget. 

Reserve fund study, inspection of the facade, inspection of the underground parking - 2745 rue Bourget

For the 1650 Sherbrooke Ouest building, at the top of the page, Genispec was able to conduct a reserve fund study in accordance with Bill 16 as well as inspection of the facade and an inspection of the underground parking lot.

Why Should You Contact Our Building Experts Today?

Genispec is ready to fulfill all your condominium management requirements as well as help you navigate the intricacies of a reserve fund study plus the legalities Bill 16. If you’re searching for a professional team to handle your building’s needs, Genispec offers exceptional and personalized service. Whether you need a reserve fund study or any of Genispec’s services, contact us to obtain a quote for your next building inspection.