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Work With The Best To Manage Your Condominium Needs 

If you’re looking to take the stress out of building management, entrust your condominium management to the highly qualified team at Gestion Wilkar. Expect personalized service, organized staff & systems, the latest technological advancements and local knowledge & expertise. Gestion Wilkar works hand in hand with Genispec Inspections, a consulting engineering firm, to ensure all current laws and regulations are being adhered to with your building. This includes such services as the mandatory reserve fund study and facade inspections.

About Gestion Wilkar

Gestion Wilkar is a full service real estate management company based in Montreal specializing in managing luxury condominium buildings. Their big picture services include financial management, operations management and consulting services for the board of directors. When choosing Gestion Wilkar, you can trust that all your condominium management needs will be fulfilled. This includes forecasting property financials, coordinating maintenance work, managing building staff, screening new tenants, managing rent, managing the budget, preparing for administrative meetings and more. 

About Genispec 

Genispec is a consulting engineering firm in Montreal that specializes in building & condominium engineering and inspection, structure evaluation, project management and site supervision. The services provided are necessary to ensure the longevity of your building. Under Bill 16 and Bill 122, both reserve fund studies and facade inspections are now mandatory in Quebec. Under Bill 16, a reserve fund study must be carried out to assess the funding needed for future repairs on condominium buildings that are 5 storeys or more. According to Bill 122, a complete inspection of facades of buildings, parking garages and condominiums must be carried out to ensure the safety of the building. Genispec is the first choice engineering firm in Montreal when it comes to performing these mandatory services. 

Gestion Wilkar And Genispec’s Partnership

Gestion Wilkar has partnered with Genispec for over a decade to provide quality condo inspections for their valued clients. Together, their expertise, quality resources and decades of experience ensure your luxury condominium is in good hands. Genispec performs a number of services for Gestion Wilkar including facade inspections, parking inspections, reserve fund studies and provides building maintenance handbooks. Genispec’s services have been advantageous to Gestion Wilkar’s properties, ensuring that all of their buildings and parking garages are well maintained and structurally sound. 

Services Provided By Genispec And Conducted On Gestion Wilkar Properties

Reserve Fund Study

Under Bill 16, a reserve fund study is an analysis required to ensure the longevity of buildings with more than 5 storeys in Quebec every five years. Its purpose is to anticipate future renovations, maintenance and infrastructure improvements. The reserve fund study ensures the integrity of the building, which guarantees its longevity and a high quality living environment for its inhabitants. By assessing building conditions, estimating costs and analyzing maintenance recommendations, reserve fund studies guarantee the preservation of the building. 

Building Maintenance Handbook 

A building maintenance handbook for condominiums is a summary document which identifies the history of the site, the date of construction or renovation, the date of receipt, the technical description of the building, the years of completion for site projects, and contact details of the companies which carried out the maintenance. It is essential that this document is up to date to ensure effective property management, planning and budgeting over several years. The building maintenance handbook for condominium service is a complementary service to Genispec’s reserve fund study, in compliance with Bill 16. 

Facade Inspection

Genispec specializes in facade inspections in accordance with Bill 122; which requires a thorough building inspection for buildings of 5 storeys or more. Such inspections must be conducted under the direction of an engineer that is part of the “Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec” (OIQ). The report must certify that the building is structurally sound and does not present any risks. The facade inspection report provided by Genispec’s engineers includes a detailed description of the observations and provides recommendations for correcting defects that could possibly develop dangerous conditions for the building. The facade inspection should be conducted every 5 years. 

Parking Inspection

Under Bill 122, any parking lot containing at least one slab that does not rest on the ground must be thoroughly inspected to evaluate the condition of the elements by an engineer who is a member of the OIQ. Genispec’s team conducts thorough parking garage inspections to verify that the area is free of defects and potential liabilities. The underground parking inspection report provided by Genispec’s engineers includes a detailed description of the area and recommendations for reparations of defects that could possibly develop into hazardous conditions.

Recent Projects 

Genispec and Gestion Wilkar have worked on numerous projects together in condominiums around Montreal, Here are a few recent condominium projects from their partnership:

Facade Inspection - 1085 rue Saint-Alexandre

1085 rue Saint-Alexandre

  • Facade inspection
  • Reserve fund study
Facade inspection - 1650 rue Sherbrooke Ouest
1650 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1C9

  • Facade Inspections
  • Underground Parking Inspections
  • Reserve Fund Study 
Reserve fund study - 1085 rue Saint-Alexandre

1449 rue Saint-Alexandre

  • Facade Inspection
  • Parking inspection

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