There’s a Crack in Your Building: Do You Need a Structural Engineer?

Spring is the perfect time to do a quick visual check of your building. But what should you do if you find a crack in the foundation? Does it mean you have structural problems? Are you potentially looking at huge repair costs? Could a structural engineer help? In this blog post, Genispec Inspections answer your questions.

How a structural engineer can help

Before calling a repair company to patch things up, you should call on the expertise of a structural engineer in Montreal. Structural engineers are trained in building stability. They are specialists in building materials such as concrete and they are fully versed in safety and security standards. That means an engineer will be able to tell you whether you need to be truly concerned about your crack or whether it’s a minor repair. As a result, you will be able to accurately estimate repair costs.

What’s more, a structural engineer can help you to correctly diagnose the source of the problem. If you get a repair company to patch the crack without first consulting an engineer and treating the cause, you risk seeing more cracks in the near future. That’s what is known as a band-aid solution.

Are you selling? A structural engineer can help with that too

If you’re doing your spring check with a view to selling your building, a professional assessment by a structural engineer will be especially useful. It will give potential buyers the reassurance that the cracks aren’t the result of major foundation issues. And if they are, buyers will know that you have addressed the root cause of the cracks. That means you will be able to sell your building at market price without taking a hit.

The expertise of Genispec’s team of structural engineers

Genispec Inspections has expertise in a range of interconnected engineering services in Montreal. From design and structural specifications, through project management and site supervision, to structural inspections, our team of structural engineers has the ability and commitment to successfully complete your residential, industrial, or commercial project. All our inspectors and engineers are members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ).

Trust Genispec’s team of structural engineers for your building

We invite you to contact us. Thorough assessments by Genispec structural engineers include an evaluation of your building’s structure in addition to an inspection of all visible components. Not only do our engineers meet all building code standards currently in effect in Quebec, but, at Genispec, we aim to go beyond these minimum requirements by following the best practices ASTM International, a global standardization organization, in addition to those of the Québec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ).