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Reserve fund study performed on Montreal buillding

In 2024, the reserve fund study is mandatory!

Bill 16 was established to preserve the physical and functional longevity of components in a condominium. Starting in 2023, the obligation to conduct a reserve fund study (also called a reserve fund study) came into effect. Condominiums established before this date will have a three-year period to complete their reserve fund study (also known as a contingency fund study) while those established afterward must comply immediately. So, if you haven’t conducted a reserve fund study for your condominium yet, now is the ideal time to contact Genispec!

Given the evolving nature of this information, it is crucial for property owners to stay informed about Bill 16 developments. At Genispec, we are at your disposal to address any questions you may have regarding this legislation and the reserve fund study.

In 2024, the building maintenance handbook for condominiums is mandatory!

A building maintenance handbook for condominiums is also required. This condensed document reveals the site’s history, the building’s construction or renovation date, the reception date, the technical description of the building, as well as the years of significant work with the contact information of the maintenance companies involved.

Reserve fund study performed on two-tone brick building

Who should I call to conduct my contingency fund study?

Looking for a contingency fund study? Trust Genispec! At the core of our commitment lies excellence and reliability, guiding our mission. Genispec is available for all your reserve fund study needs. With our extensive resources and the dedication of our building engineers, we are delighted to offer impeccable and superior-quality service.

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