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Bill 16 was adopted on December 11, 2019, and proposes various measures to regulate building inspections and co-ownership in Quebec. Here is an overview of some of the changes you need to be aware of.

What are the changes introduced by Bill 16?

Thanks to Bill 16, new regulatory powers have been granted to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec for the oversight of building inspections and co-ownership in Quebec. This includes the power to order the suspension of construction work when it is being carried out by someone without the appropriate licence, for example.

Regarding co-ownership, the law amends the Civil Code to impose certain additional obligations on the syndicate of co-owners. This includes maintaining a building maintenance handbook and conducting a reserve fund study to ensure its sufficiency for major repairs and replacement of common areas. The annual contribution of co-owners to the reserve fund is determined based on this study. The law also requires the syndicate of co-owners to provide certain information to potential buyers. The Bill 16 project also provides protection for deposits made by condominium buyers and imposes certain financial obligations on developers in case of underestimation of the projected budget.

The Bill 16 project also contains various provisions concerning the municipal domain, particularly with regard to contracts, property assessment, and taxation. It allows municipalities to assist senior residences and provides further clarification on zoning regulations, amongst other things.

Why work with Genispec?

In conclusion, the Bill 16 project brings significant changes to ensure the protection of buyers, the quality of constructions, and the proper functioning of the relevant businesses/syndicates and municipalities. Visit the Bill 16 project written by the National Assembly of Quebec for more information or contact Genispec directly. Our expert engineers are equipped to assist you with your reserve fund study, building maintenance handbook or facade inspection.