Water Infiltration Inspection

Problems with water infiltration occur for a number of reasons and can have unfortunate consequences on a building. It is for this reason that it is essential to solve the problem at the source as soon as possible! Sources of water infiltrations are often difficult to spot. In these cases, a water infiltration inspection is necessary.

Genispec conducts water infiltration inspections in Montreal.

What are common causes of water infiltrations?

Various building elements are susceptible to failures which can lead to water infiltration: 

  • Thermal movement: A lack of accomodation for thermal expansion and contraction can cause cracking of building materials which can lead to water infiltration.
  • Drainage issues: Leaks can occur wherever water drains. If gutters and downspouts get clogged or are under-designed, water infiltration is likely to occur. 
  • Construction defects and lack of maintenance: A well-sealed wall prevents air or water infiltrations.
  • Damaged or aging pipes: Damaged pipes can lead to water infiltration and accumulation on floors. 

Why is it important to conduct a water infiltration inspection?

It is especially important to prevent and solve the problem at the source as soon as possible. Unfortunately, finding the source of your water infiltration can be tricky. In these cases, a water infiltration test is necessary. Water infiltration inspections are generally the most effective and least expensive method to perform a water infiltration survey and determine the source of the problem.

Genispec’s expertise in water infiltration inspections

Prevention is the best way to protect your building and investment. It is recommended to regularly carry out water infiltration inspections to find any damage that may have affected the insulation, materials and roof covering. 

At Genispec, we have developed specialized methods required by the RBQ to identify the most common building problems found in the Quebec climate. 

Our engineers are members of the Order of Engineers of Quebec (OIQ). Our water infiltration inspections will help you to:

  • Determine the source or sources of water infiltration;
  • Determine the extent of the water infiltration
  • Give solutions and recommendations to eliminate the problem

The likely sources of infiltration examined in our water leak inspections include:

  • Roofing or deficiencies in flashings
  • Damaged mortar joints and deficient water drainage system
  • Cracked damaged concrete
  • Foundations
  • Doors and windows
  • Damaged seal gaskets
  • Ventilation grilles or other equipment on the facades

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