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Parking garages – Maintenance and inspection - Required by RBQ (BILL 122)

In Québec, more than anywhere else, multistorey parking garages are regularly subjected to the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle, de-icing salt and abrasives. That is why all regulated infrastructures with underground or aboveground parking where at least one driveable surface is not laid directly on the ground must be verified and maintained periodically.

Frequency of in-depth verifications

Every five years, the owner must obtain an in-depth verification report from an Engineer stating that the parking is not in a dangerous condition and, if applicable, giving recommendations on ways to correct defects that could contribute to the development of a dangerous condition.
If the parking is older than 5 years, the owner must obtain a verification report within 3 years of the start of the law (March 18, 2013) therefore, prior to March 18, 2016.
Subsequently, the owner must obtain an in-depth verification report every five years.


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