Fire alarm system

Fire alarm system and Sprinkler ( Plans, Specifications and Installation)

The requirements related to fire protection which are set out in the Building chapter of the Safety Code are the same as the ones set out by the National Fire Code – Canada 2010 (NFC).The NFC is published by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes of the National Research Council Canada (CNRC). Certain amendments have been made in it in order to take into account the distinctiveness of the province of Quebec.
As per this regulation, the owners must make sure, in particular:

• to maintain the good and safe operating condition of the sprinkler systems, alarm systems, door closers and emergency equipment;
• to use, in the lobby or the exits of any building and everywhere inside health care occupancies, draperies, curtains and decorative materials that are compliant with the standard referred to in the Regulation;
• to prepare an evacuation plan and procedure;
• to provide for the personnel required to evacuate the building in the case of a fire or a situation of panic or any other danger; the size of such personnel being determined according to the evacuation procedure in case of fire, the occupant load, the use of the premises (occupancy), and the age and fire resistance (class) of the building;
• to inform the occupants as well as the personnel, where relevant, with regard to the safety measures and evacuation methods set out;
• to give the emergency evacuation personnel, where relevant, the necessary instructions with regard to the use of fire extinguishers, the alarm systems and the means of egress for the occupants;
• to see to it that, at least once a year, the appropriate fire evacuation and rescue drills are being conducted.
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